Traditional Spinning Wheel


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Product Description

The separate drive band and bobbin brake adjustment is easy to understand and simple to operate. The bobbins are quick and easy to change. Scotch tension and 3 speed flyer allow for a wide variety of yarn to be spun. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 3 speed whorl. Ball bearings and large 56cm (22ins) wheel makes treadling smooth, effortless and easy to maintain a steady speed. The wide legs give good stability especially when speed spinning and the treadle is pivoted to allow a comfortable heel-toe action.


  • Wheel diameter 56cm (22ins)
  • Orifice 10mm (‰4ins)
  • Bobbin capacity 100gm (3-4oz)
  • Ratios 6.5, 12.5 17.5
  • Weight 8kg (17lbs)

Included accessories

Lazy Kate, 4 standard bobbins, Threading hook, Learn to spin booklet.

Wheel options:

Single drive (Natural or Lacquered) or Double Drive (Natural). An additional Double Drive kit can be purchased to upgrade the single drive wheel to a double drive.

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg

Single Drive, Double Drive


Natural, Laquered, Special

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